For most people getting up at 4AM isn’t ideal, and I myself aren’t normally a morning person, but when I have the opportunity to see the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean and Scenic Hill, I don’t have any problem! On this particular morning my friend and I decided to take a cab from our hotel as it was still dark and allowed us to save some time. We arrived for 4:30AM, at the top of Signal Hill got a great seat on the wall and waited for the sun to break the horizon.  Waiting at the top of Signal Hill at sunrise being the only two at the top of the hill was one of those experiences I will never forget.

It was a foggy morning in St. John’s and that was only magnified at the top of the hill.  I was a little worried we wouldn’t get much of a sunrise, but regardless we would still get to have a great hike back down!

As the sun began to rise above the horizon we started our hike down the North Head Trail.  It was very peaceful as there was no one else on the trails at that time of morning.  The temperature was perfect and the winds were mild which set us up with great conditions for the hike.

Although the sky did not completely glow during the sunrise, its occasional pink and purple hues were incredible and well worth the early morning.  Sitting on the hundreds of year old stone watching the sky come aglow at Signal Hill at sunrise was just breathtaking.

We headed down the back side of the trail as the humidity rose for the day.  It was making for a perfect summer day in St. John’s.  On our walk through the Battery we enjoyed the unique colourful houses with there owners still fast asleep.


[…] Two of the best places to head for sunrise in St. John’s are Signal Hill National Historic Site and Cape Spear National Historic Site. Signal Hill offers a nice view of the Narrows, downtown St. John’s, and Cabot Tower itself as the sun rises. Once the sun comes up above the horizon, you can enjoy a great hike down the North Head Trail.  Check out my early morning experience watching the Sunrise at Signal Hill. […]

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