The wreckage of this 98 year old ship lies on the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean where the waves slam into the coast.  The S.S. Ethie was a coastal steamship than ran aground during an awful storm on December 11, 1919 at Martin’s Point, Newfoundland.  All 92 passengers and crew were saved, but the ship was unsalvageable.  Today, the ocean has eroded almost all of the ship, leaving only remnants for visitors to explore, including fragments of the hull, the boilers, and pieces of the engines which are still visible from the shore.

How To Get There

The wreckage can be found at Martin’s Point, located in Gros Morne National Park on Route 430 (Viking Trail) between Sally’s Cove and Western Brook Pond.  The sizeable parking lot is marked by signage on the road.  From there a staircase will take you down to the rocky beach to see the wreckage. Make sure to be careful on the stairs, as they can be both ice and snow covered.

Explore the Wreckage

The long stretch of rocky beach has pieces of the S.S. Ethie scattered along it. Interestingly, these remnants are constantly being moved along the coast by the harsh waves and tides of the ocean.  The large engine block and boiler are prominent, located right at the water’s edge, and depending on the tides may be clearly visible as you explore the beach.  Beyond the wreckage, take the time to explore the beautiful rock formations that are ever changing.

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