After a full day of playing in the sun at Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas and the sun sets beyond the horizon many are unsure of what their options are on the resort.  There are so many things to do during the day at Atlantis Paradise Island, but what to do at night at Atlantis Paradise Island?

Here is our guide to what to do at night at Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas!


With 21 restaurants and 19 bars, nightclubs and lounges, you have the opportunity to spend every evening of your vacation in a different setting. Looking for casual or fine dining experiences? You’ll find it here.

Want some desert after dinner? Grabbing a sweet is one of our top things on our list of what to do at night at Atlantis Paradise Island! You’ll find plenty of options in the Marina Village with Starbucks, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, and Oh Sugar! – a specialty candy store.

Aura Nightclub

When the sun goes down, Aura Nightclub turns up the fun.  This 9000 square foot nightclub is located just up the stairs on the second floor of the Atlantis Casino.  With two sets of bars, 2 VIP sections and a private VIP Parlour, this venue provides a night filled with luxury, fun and drinks.

See A Movie

Looking for a way to unwind from a fun day in the sun? Head over to the Atlantis Theatre for a free movie! Playing recent Hollywood blockbusters this is a perfect spot to relax for the night. Located in the Convention Center Rotunda, between the Coral and Beach Towers.  Typically two movies are shown each day, one in the early evening that is family friendly and one later at night that is geared towards adults.

Take In A Show At The Comedy Club

Jokers Wild Comedy Club is home to some of the most popular and funniest comedians both locally and internationally!  Located between the Beach and Coral Towers the comedy club is a great after dinner event that will keep you laughing for hours after the show ends.  The club is 18+ due to adult humour and some language.  There is one show each night with doors opening at 8:45pm and beginning at 9:30pm.  The show lasts 90 minutes and costs $25/person unless otherwise noted on their website.

Head Over To The Speedway

The Atlantis Speedway located in the Coral Towers Lower Lobby is a fun activity for all ages where you have the chance to build, design and race remote controlled cars.  Also in the speedway is a Wii racing zone, concessions area where you can fuel up on a variety of snacks and beverages.  This is a great activity for kids or for all ages if you are into remote control race cars! The mechanics onsite assist each guest in choosing a remote control car that they can design, build, race and take home with them as a souvenir.  If you are lucky you could get to see a race put on by the friendly and energetic pit crew.

Explore The Grounds

With everyone at dinner, at a show or gone to bed, the evening is the perfect time to explore the resort grounds and get a different perspective. Everything is beautifully lit up, and with all the pools empty and aglow it is the perfect way to unwind and get some exercise.  Make sure to head over to the Marina Village to see all the majestic yachts light up in their slips!

See The Junkaroo Parade

If you happen to be at Atlantis on any given Friday or Saturday be sure to head over to the Marina Village for the Junkaroo Parade.  This parade is a celebration and ultimate expression of the Bahamian culture that is unique to the Bahamas.  This parade begins at 9:30pm on every Friday and Saturday and features carnival-like dancers dressed in gorgeous costumes and headdresses similar to those at the The Junkaroo or Bahamian New Year Festival.  This free parade is a fun event for all ages and a must do experience before you leave Atlantis Paradise Resort!

Go Shopping

At Atlantis you will find world class shopping from the latest in world renowned designers, cigars, name brand handbags and jewellery, clothing and so much more.  To make the prices even better, everything is duty free.  Open until late at night you can get your shopping done once the sun is down so you can take full advantage of everything else the resort has to offer during the day.

Try Your Luck At The Casino 

Make sure to walk through and try your luck at the largest casino in the Caribbean.  With 85 table games, 750 slot machines over 100,000 square feet you are bound to have some fun!


[…] for what to do once the sun goes down? Make sure to check out our Top Things To Do At Night at Atlantis […]

[…] for what to do once the sun goes down? Make sure to check out our Top Things To Do At Night at Atlantis […]

[…] for what to do once the sun goes down? Make sure to check out our Top Things To Do At Night at Atlantis […]

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