The Exuma Cays are one of the most romantic and exotic destinations on earth.  The Exuma Cays sapphire waters and power white sands is more beautiful than you could ever imagine.  The Exumas are a district of the Bahamas made up of 365 islands, also called Cays.  These 365 cays are spread over more than 100 miles in the Bahamas collectively known as the Exumas.  When you visit the Exumas you will be treated to waters clearer than you have ever seen and sparkle a share of aqua, the sand softer than ever experienced before you will not want to leave this beautiful area of the Bahamas.

The Cays are exactly what you see in magazines and so much more.  This picture perfect area is a must see destination while on your trip to the Bahamas.  When you visit the Exumas the word Exuma will become synomous with paradise with the long sunny days and boundless potential for adventure there is something special here for everyone.  Whether it is a day trip from Nassau to visit the Exumas or staying on one of the Cays it is well worth the trip!  Here is our video to inspire you to visit the Exumas!

Here are 25 Photos from our trip to inspire you to Visit The Exumas!

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