Relics and memories of the old mining days are still fresh in Keno City’s mind.  This once booming town that was filled with men and their families trying to strike rich on gold and later silver is now a sleepy hamlet.  While visiting Keno City mining is a constant reminder everywhere you look and its sheer authenticity leaves visitors with an experience they will never forget.

Considered a living ghost town, Keno City is located on the Silver Trail which connects Mayo, Elsa and Keno City with the North Klondike Highway.  The Silver Trail’s name comes from the history of silver mining in the region.  The road is paved up until Mayo Airport and then becomes an unpaved dirt road to Keno City.  Well off the beaten path with six and a half hours North-East of Whitehorse the journey to visit Keno City is not a short one but worth every minute of the drive.

Home to a mining museum, Sign Post Hill, accommodations, restaurants and relics spread throughout the city that provide a look back at the colourful history of Keno City which should be on everyones bucket list.  We have put together our favourite photos to inspire you to visit Keno City.

Here are 21 photos that will make you want to visit Keno City!

Want to see our full adventures in Keno City? Make sure to check out our video here!

[…] Visit Keno City – You are only an hour away from the living ghost town at the end of the road.  It is well worth the driving to visit Keno City!  Check out our photos from our time in Keno City to inspire your visit! […]

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