Ever wanted to be alone on top of a mountain with everywhere you look they are the only thing you can see.  Take the 10.5km drive up Keno Hill to reach the summit all accessible by car to be alone on top of the mountain.  Once you have reached the top you will be greeted with the famous signpost pointing you to all directions and locations around the world.

Here is our guide to Keno Hill!

Getting There

The 10.5 km gravel road that leads up to the top of Keno Hill is not recommended for large motorhomes or trailers.  We made it up in our truck camper but there are no pullouts and not a lot of room to pull over if you encounter someone on their way down.  If you are worried about the road conditions enquire about the museum before heading up.

What To Do On Top of Keno Hill

Keno Hill actually has five summits, each a hill of its own – Summit Keno, Minto Hill, Monument Hill, Caribou and Beauvette Hill.  As you drive up Signpost Road, you will pass structures of two different eras 1920s to 1960s and the galvanized steel of the 1970s.  Most of the big open pits that you see as you drive up were mined in the 1970s, along with some selective mining in the early 1990s.

Hiking The Trails – There are three marked trails at the top of Keno Hill.

  • Butterfly Trail – This trail starts and ends at the top of the signpost and takes about 45 minutes round trip.  You pass through rocky alpine tundra in the middle of a butterfly habitat.  There are markers with butterflies on it to follow the path.  Take a look down the mountain to see the buildings from the Keno 700 mine.

  • Silver Basin Trail – The Silver Basin Trail follows an old mining road to a spot with a great view of the Ladue Valley.  As you leave the signpost area, take the gravel road towards an old cabin in the distance staying left when the trail branches just before the cabin.  The trail is often muddy or wet in places from the mountain runoff.  The main trail ends at a cairn overlooking the gulch, return from here to complete the 4km (1.5-2 hour return trip).

  • Monument Trail – following the same mining road as the Silver Basin Trail but veer off to the right just before the old Sheep Camp mine cabin.  The trail is named after the rock formation at its height.  The hike is a 4km round trip hike.

Visit the Sheep Camp Mine Cabin – The Sheep Camp mine cabin was built in the early 1920s when the first miners came up Keno Hill to mine the area.  This cabin is the last remaining building at the Sheep Camp mine site.


Visit The Keno 700 Mine – To Reach the Keno 700 Mine head up the gravel road towards the sign post, when the road makes a sharp left turn and there is a sign indicating the direction of the signpost don’t follow that route.  Instead continue straight/right and take the road through a set of rusted iron gates.  This will take you to the 200 level portal of the Keno 700 mine.  Here you will find an old building where the rail line comes out of, old rail cars and one single car left on the rusted line.  

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