The town of Dawson City is inseparably linked to the Klondike Gold Rush and for good reason – this real life gold rush town that looks and feels very much like it did in the 1890’s during the Klondike Gold Rush.  As you walk the streets you relive the history of the stampeders that came to Dawson in hopes of finding gold.  Set at the narrow shelf at the meeting of the Yukon and Klondike Rivers, a mere 240km south of the Arctic Circle, Dawson City is still today best known for its gold mining past and present.  Today, as you drive into Dawson from the south you can see remnants of old gold fields and dredge tailings.  Wander the dirt roads of the town, passing buildings riddled with permafrost foundations that are slowly sinking into the ground and experience the rich culture of the city.  From the gold fields, Dredge No. 4 National Historic Site, the midnight dome, Diamond Tooth Gerties, the historic buildings throughout the city, S.S. Keno National Historic site and more there is so much to see in Dawson City!

Here are 23 photos that will inspire you to visit Dawson City!

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