As we left Alaska and headed back into the Yukon, Canada we encountered some incredible landscapes between Beaver Creek and Haines Junction.  Some of our favourite memories are spent while on the road with some of the landscapes that sit on either side of the highway.  You will frequently see us pulled over at a rest stop or on the side of the highway taking photos of these amazing landscapes! From the time we crossed the boundary line between Alaska and the Yukon to reaching Beaver Creek, Canada’s most westerly community, we knew we were in for an amazing drive.  Beaver Creek sits about 300km northwest of Haines Junction with the Alaska Highway being the only major road to connect the two cities.  As we travelled southeast down the Alaska Highway the Saint Elias Mountains begin to grow bigger and bigger as you drive towards Kluane National Park. The area between Beaver Creek and Haines Junction is an area you do not want to miss and we highly encourage you to plan your time passing through this area at sunset as the area just becomes one of the most beautiful areas we encountered on our road trip through Yukon and Alaska!

Below are some of the photos from our drive between Beaver Creek and Haines Junction!

Welcome to the Yukon sign at the border of Yukon and Alaska Young woman standing on the border of the Yukon and Alaska International Boundary.

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