Just off the Alaska Highway this once Gold Rush town was a place people called home while mining for gold.  Sitting along the shores of Lake Kluane, this permanent outpost was set up at the outlet of Silver Creek where the city gets its name from.  It was home to North-West Mounted Police barracks, a post office, a district mining office and area miner cabins which are most noticeable today when you visit this ghost town.  Today, Silver City sits tucked away a stone throw off the Alaska Highway slowly being taken over by the wilderness waiting to be discovered as Yukon’s largest ghost town.

Here is our guide to exploring the Yukon ghost town of Silver City!

Getting to Silver City

Silver City is located off the Alaska Highway at kilometre 1635.8.  Look for signs that point to a Bed and Breakfast and turn right if you are heading west and left if you are heading east.  Head 3.4 km down the dirt road where you will pass a junk yard filled with old cars on your left and then you will begin to see the remnants of the old buildings from the gold rush.

What is There to see in Silver City?

There is only remnants of old houses and buildings left from the early 1900’s in Silver City but it is worth the short detour off the Alaska Highway to see and explore the Yukons largest ghost town! Be careful many of the wooden beams, structures and buildings are no longer safe to enter or climb on as they are over 100 years old.

Here are some of our photos from our exploration in this unique ghost town!

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