While visiting the picturesque Goldstream Provincial Park make sure not to miss Niagara Falls.  Although not the world famous attraction in Niagara, Ontario this Niagara Falls is special all on its own.  The waterfall falls 47.5 metres in a narrow stream into a beautiful pool at the bottom.  This is an easy hike to reach the falls and can easily be done in less than 30 minutes round trip.  Whether you are planning on pairing this hike with the Goldstream Provincial Park Trestle Bridge Hike or doing this hike on its own it is one not to miss.

Where to Park

Lets start with where to park! There are several different options – you can park in the main parking lot located on the east side of the Island Highway at the entrance to the provincial park.  There are two areas for parking but make sure you come early to get a spot as it quickly fills up!  We were in an RV and the main parking lot was already full, but don’t fret as just up the Island Highway heading north not even an minute away there is another large dirt area that looks like an extension of the highways shoulder is a popular area for large vehicles and overflow parking.

Getting to Niagara Falls

Once you have parked if you are coming from the main parking lot in the day use area heading north towards the Nature House and follow the trail into the forest.  You will come to a junction and turn left which will take you up a gravel path to a bridge where you will see a large tunnel that heads under the highway.  This is how you will cross to the other side of the provincial park to start your hike.

If you are located in the overflow parking just up the Island Highway you have two options – you can either follow the shoulder of the highway up a ways and on the other side you will see an opening that goes up a hill onto the hiking trail.  You do need to cross the highway median and the highway is often very busy so be careful if this is the route you choose! The other option is to head north down a gravel path into the forest you will quickly come to the bridge on the right and the concrete tunnel that will take you under the highway.  *Note – we found it just as easy to take this path under the highway and less risky than crossing the highway*

Once you are at the concrete tunnel walk through it and you will enter a dried up creek bed.  Follow the creek bed north and within a few minutes the falls will come into view.  We really enjoyed spending sometime at Niagara Falls watching some of the fall leaves fall from the trees above and the relaxing sound of the water cascading over the rocks.

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