For some Wawa is not a destination on the map it is more of a town they pass by and sometimes they don’t even get off the highway to experience what this small town has to offer. Wawa has so much to see you really cannot see it in a few hour stop over. I highly encourage you if you are driving through Wawa to pull over and spend a day or two exploring everything this beautiful small town and everything it has to offer you. You will not be disappointed! It is also a perfect place to get gas, good food and relax for a day or two. Here are our must see things as you drive through Wawa:

Visit the Goose

The iconic Wawa goose is the largest of its kind in Canada and an absolute must see when you are visiting the town.  You can see the goose from Highway 17 as you come into town if you are coming from the North.  It is one of the most photograph landmarks in Canada and the most famous place in Wawa hands down.

Stop at the Visitors Centre

Located just off the highway the Visitors Centre offers plenty of parking for cars and RV’s alike.  Here you can sit and have a bite to eat at many of their picnic tables or head inside to the visitors centre to learn about all Wawa and the surrounding area has to offer.  Located on Visitor Centre grounds is also Wawa’s famous Canadian Goose Statue.

Find all 15 Heritage Doors

Located throughout the town are 15 painted doors that feature significant people that have helped shape Wawa into what it is today. The doors can be located at the Wawa Visitors Centre, Heritage Park, Bethune Cemetery, Scenic High Falls & Heritage Park.

Visit Silver Falls

Silver Falls is a set of three waterfalls that is located en route to Sandy Beach on Old Tote Road.  Here from the parking lot you walk 100m to the edge of the Falls to enjoy the view of the water pour over the top of the falls.

Stop at Young’s General Store

Youngs General Store has been a staple in Wawa for almost 50 years. This one of a kind general store that has everything to offer from great snacks including homemade fudge, unique souvenirs and even pull a pickle out of the old pickle barrel. It is a must stop place while on your way through Wawa.

Take a Swim at Sandy Beach

Take a drive 15 minutes from out of the town where you will find some of the most beautiful sand beaches in the area. Set on the backdrop of Lake Superior Sandy Beach says it all in its name.  One of the most breathtaking white sand beaches and also inspiring for the Group of Seven and many others after them this is the perfect place to spend a few hours or even the day.  Here you can swim, paddle, walk the sandy shore line or just relax.  The new learning pavilion by the parking lot teaches you about the area’s First Nations History along the Lake Superior shoreline and about the artists who have drawn inspiration from this beautiful area.

Visit the Downtown

Walk down Broadway which is only 2 minutes from the famous Goose to the shopping district.  With lots of local shops to check out and the scenic lookout with a great view of Wawa Lake.

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