Probably one of the most well known sites beside the sleeping giant itself is the sea lion. The Sea Lion Trail a must hike trail while on your visit to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. You may look at photos of the sea lion today and say ‘I don’t see the shape of a sea lion?’. Well that is because his head fell off unfortunately. Prior to the 1900’s, this landmark was one of a lion sitting on his haunches looking into Perry Bay. The lions head has thus fallen off but his name still continues. The softer rock continues to erode as the seasons change and Lake Superior continues to slam into it. One day the arch of the sea lion will fall into Lake Superior just leaving a stack.

The Sea Lion in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park on a hot summer bay with the turquoise waters of Lake Superior glistening in the sun.

Directions for Hiking the Sea Lion

Drive to the Kabeyun Trail Head Parking lot. From the parking lot follow the Kabeyun to Tee Harbour trail about a kilometre down the path and you will see a sign for the sea lion.

Kabeyun to Tee Harbour Trail sign in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park outside of Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario.

Here we bumped into a few gentlemen who were having a hard time finding the pathway. It is not an obvious foot path as you have to hike up along the rocks to get to the view point. It is not a hard hike just not the most of obvious paths. Make sure to follow the blue hiking signs tacked to the trees.

Hiking the Sea Lion Trail heading up the tougher part of the trail to the view points of the sea lion.

The trail will branch off to a few different view points and down to the beach shoreline. If you are not in a rush make sure to head down to the beach as it is a beautiful view and often no one is there.

Shores of Lake Superior near the Sea Lion in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

Continue heading up the trail until you reach the green fenced off area and you will know you have arrived. Enjoy the beautiful views of the sea lion but be sure to be careful of the crumbling rock all around the edges. Enjoy hiking the Sea Lion! Here are some of our photos from the various view points of it.

The story behind the Sea Lion.
One of the view points of the Sea Lion in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.
Blonde girl taking a photo of the sea lion in sleeping giant provincial park in Northern Ontario.

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