No matter what time of year you visit Lake Louise it is an amazing spectacle. Visiting Lake Louise in November you will have the opportunity to see the lake just before it freezes or possibly see the lake as it is freezing over. We visited Lake Louise at the end of November and it had just recently froze over with only the smallest area of water left unfrozen that created the prettiest reflection of the mountains!

A half frozen Lake Louise in November. With a slight covering of low clouds with the mountains reflecting in the open water.

Visiting Lake Louise in November is consider off-season and you will likely find the lake quieter than you will find it in the summer time or peak winter times when ski season is in full swing. The best time to visit Lake Louise is around sunrise as this is when the lake will always be quietest no matter the time of year. As well, if you arrive early enough you get to watch the mountains get the fiery glow from the sun as it slowly rises over the mountain range. We unfortunately had an incredibly foggy day with low clouds sitting over the mountains, but in our opinion Lake Louise looks incredible in any kind of weather!

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Nordic Ski Shop sitting under a layer of snow and low sitting clouds.
Looking down the open waterway of a semi-frozen Lake Louise in November sitting under low hanging clouds covering the mountains.

While visiting Lake Louise in November we stayed at Lake Louise Campground which you can read all about here! There are also cozy hotel’s you can stay at as well including the famous Fairmont Lake Louise that sits in front of the beautiful and very iconic Canadian landmark that is Lake Louise.

A view from one of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise windows overlooking the frozen Lake Louise on a cloudy day.

During our snow filled visit the large hikes that are open when there is no snow are closed but that will not take away fro your experience at the lake. Once the lake is fully frozen you can walk across the walk, skate or walk around the paved path. In our opinion it is the perfect time to visit this often times very busy attraction to see it during one of its quieter periods.

A view from the side of a snowy Lake Louise looking out into the mountains that are partially covered by low hanging clouds in November.

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