Whether you are a seasoned RV’er or new to the RV lifestyle there is always something on your first RV trip each year that you forget to pack! We have been through this time and time again and decided to put together all the key things we feel are must haves anytime we take our RV out on the road no matter how short or long the trip may be. There are a few RV essentials you do not want to be without on any length of trip!

Everyone has their own RV’ing packing list but there are always certain items that seem to be forgotten that can make or break a great experience for your camping trip. Here are a list of the top things you never want to forget for your next RV Trip!

  • Extra Power Cords – the more power cords you have for your RV the better. It is often times the electrical box is just a foot out of reach and then you have to go into the nearest town to purchase an additional cord. It is always best to travel with 3 or more long power cords so you never have to go through that experience
  • 15 Amp Power Adapter – Some campgrounds do not have 30 amp service so this 15 Amp adapter will let you plug in to a regular outlet
  • Generator – Travelling with a generator is not often top of peoples mind when you are packing for your trip, but if the power happens to go down in the campground or you are camping in the backcountry where there is no power a generator will keep your RV running for days longer than your RV’s battery could support.
  • Level – most campgrounds are not level when you pull it and making sure your RV is level on all sides is important to ensure a comfortable stay.
  • Lynx Levelers – Lynx Levellers are a set of interlocking plastic blocks that configure into any levelling function but can hold a lot of weight while doing so. Helping you level your trailer for a more comfortable stay and they only take seconds to use.
  • Basic Tool Kit – You never know what will go wrong while you are travelling whether its while you are driving or in your campsite but having a series of screwdrivers, wrenches, hammer and a few other basic items are incredibly helpful when you are in a bad situation
  • Wheel Chalks – wheel chalks are incredibly helpful no matter the size of your RV. They help ensuring your RV won’t roll especially if you are on a bit of angle. It is just an extra safety precaution and a good to have.
  • X Chalk for Dual Axle – The X Chalk is only for dual axle RV’s but is the perfect locking system to ensure your RV will not move while you are parked whether that be for camping or sitting in your driveway / parking area while you load / unload.

Those are our top 8 RV essentials you do not want to forget when heading out on your next road trip! Where are you off to next? Happy travels!

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