The shortest hike in Killbear Provincial Park is the Lighthouse Point Trail. This trail is only a quick 800m loop that takes about 20-30 minutes depending on how quickly you move through the path and if you choose to stop and take in the views. This is an easy to moderate path.

Trailhead sign for Lighthouse Point Trail in Killbear Provincial Park.

The Lighthouse Point Trail takes you along the shores of Georgian Bay to a rocky outcrop where a lighthouse sits. The trail although easy does have some uneven ground and proper walking / hiking shoes are highly recommend. You are climbing over rocks and exposed roots at points so better to be in proper footwear.

Views of Georgian Bay from Lighthouse Point Trail in Killbear Provincial Park.

The views along the entire hike are stunning as you get a change to see Georgian Bay for most of the walk. It can be a bit windy depending on how hard the wind is blowing off of Georgian Bay.

Views of the rocky terrain on Lighthouse Point Trail in Killbear Provincial Park.

To get to the trailhead head towards the Lighthouse Point Campground. There will be signs for the hike so be sure to follow those. You go to the end of the road and there is a large parking lot that you can park in and start from here. Most people start on the path on the right hand side of the parking lot as that is the most scenic view. If you are looking for a shorter route the path that starts on the left side of the parking lot is quicker to get out to the lighthouse and back if you are not looking to do the loop.

The views of both the lighthouse and Georgian Bay and are well worth the quick hike out. We always enjoy this hike while we visit Killbear Provincial Park. What is your favourite hike in the park?

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