I have seen photos of the beautiful Three Sisters reflecting in the Bow Valley River for years on Instagram, Google, etc. But when you do a quick google search online there does not seem to be anything out there that specifically tells you how to get there. There is some information on peoples guesses on forums but nothing concrete and straight forward to make it easy for people to find. So we have decided to finally make that possible for people.  I actually attempted to find this spot several years ago when I was on a solo trip out in Canmore and Banff but got discouraged after 15 minutes of not being able to find the ‘trail’ and then some wolves crossed my path and I took that as a sign to turn around and go back.

So this time that we both were exploring we decided we would make it our mission one more to take all the various information people have put together in forums and find the route out to the Bow Valley to see the Three Sisters reflecting in the river.

Where To Start:

Head down the Bow Valley Trail south as if you are heading out of Canmore and you will pass the Falcon Crest Lodge on your left. Shortly after you will come up to the off leash dog park located at 71 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore, AB is the address for it on google maps. Park here in the parking lot. You can see the Three Sisters from the parking lot so that will give you a good directional sense. From the parking lot you will either want to cross the road or there is an option if you head left out of the parking lot you can go under the bridge if there is no water or snow in the way. 

Once you have crossed the road or gone under neath the bridge there is the creek bed that you will follow down heading in the direction of the Bow River and the Three Sisters. There is a trail on the left hand side of the creek bed if there happens to be any water or too much snow to continue right down to the bow river.

The walk takes about no more than ten minutes as you follow the well trodden path that should bring you right to the edge of the Bow River and the beautiful view of the Three Sisters. If your even luck and the river is calm the sisters will be reflecting into the water.

The entire round trip took us no more than 20 minutes and is well worth the walk for this beautiful view!

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