This not so secret gem located in eastern British Columbia has become a literal hotspot for visitors to have the chance to soak in a natural hot spring. The Lussier Hot Springs can be found in the East Kootenay range of the Rocky Mountain in Whiteswam Lake Provincial Park. Located one hour from Radium or 45 minutes from Fairmont. From Highway 95 you head East onto Whiteswan Lake Forestry Road and drive 17km to the parking for the hot springs.

Things To Know:

Once you enter Whiteswan Provicial Park you will be driving down an active logging road that is a gravel / dirt mix. The road is well maintained but is a tight road. Make sure to drive slow and watch for logging trucks. As you get further into the park the road does narrow so take each turn with caution and be prepared for logging trucks to be on the road at anytime of day.

The Facilities:

Once you have arrived at the parking lot for the hot springs there is no facilities at the bottom. There is two outhouse toilets that also double as a change room. Once you are changed and ready to go head down the hill towards the rushing river.

If you are visiting in the winter putting crampons on or boots with good traction would be a wise idea as the hill can be very slippery and we watched so many people in flip flops falling. There is a railing to hold onto, but sometimes that is not enough to combat against the ice.

The Hot Springs:

Lussier has three hot springs pools that sit along the edge of the chilly, rushing river. Each pool is a different temperature that gets cooler as you get closer to the river. The upper pool at Lussier is the hottest sitting around 110F. This was the perfect place for us to start and end our soak as it got us nice and hot after a chilly walk down and then warmed us up to the perfect temperature that you did not feel any of the cold on your walk back to your car.

The bottom left pool seemed to be where most people hung out, being the largest and widest of the pools. The pool can vary in temperature depending on where you are sitting, but is normally the second warmest of the pools as the upper pool flows down into it.

The bottom right pool is the least hot of the three but still quite comfortable once you have gone through the other pools. It sits right on the edge of the river and because of that can sometimes get some of the river water flowing in.

The pools all have a sulphuric smell, and had a fair bit of algae floating around the pools, but it was nothing that was gross or made us not want to enjoy our time there. The water was very clean and the pools were lined with stone so be careful on your feet as you walk through them.

When is the best time to visit Lussier Hot Springs?

You can be that these hot springs are going to be absolutely packed on the weekends with locals and visitors alike. But don’t be discouraged you can almost always fit a little spot to snuggle up in for a warm soak.

We recommend visiting no matter the season early on in the morning while everyone is just waking up and on a week day. These are the best times to try and avoid large crowds. We soaked two times in the hot springs, an hour before sunset on a Sunday and the pools were absolutely packed and then first thing the next morning just after sunrise and there was only a handful of others with us.

Respect This Natural Gem:

There are a few rules that are very important to follow while visiting Lussier Hot Springs. We want to keep this natural gem around for a long time so it is important to follow the rules in order to do so.

– Bathing suits are required, skinny dipping is not allowed.
-No pets or liquor allowed.
– Leave No Trace – Please pack out what you pack in. Be respectful of the wildlife and surrounding area. If you find trash even if it doesn’t belong to you pack it back out.

Enjoy your time at Lussier Hot Springs. We loved visiting here and cannot wait to come back on our next trip to beautiful British Columbia.