After driving around all of Iceland (the entire ring road and the West Fjords) we learned that there are bathrooms few and far between sometimes and even less free bathrooms in Iceland when we would come across one. There would be many times we would be driving for hours looking for a rest room and wouldn’t see one or when we would it would be inside a gas station or restaurant that charges to use them. Now don’t get us wrong we will always pay to use the bathroom when there is no other alternative but when possible we would prefer to use a free one! As we drove around Iceland we decided to start keeping track of the coordinates of all the bathrooms we found along the route that were free. Some of these bathrooms will be the only ones you may see for sometime so our advice to you is if you see a washroom make sure you use it as you don’t know when the next time you might see one. We found that to be the case especially in both the West and Eastern areas of the island.

Here is our list of all the free bathrooms in Iceland that we found on our adventure:

Snaefellsnes Peninsula 

  • Djupalonssandur Beach Parking Lot

West Fjords 

  • Isafjordur Bonus 
  • Seal Lookout (65.9922872, -22.8130051) on Highway 61
  • Dyjandi Waterfall has new bathrooms and an old bathroom hut 

Northern Iceland 

  • Bloduous 
  • Nesti at N1 gas station 
  • Húsavík Whale Watching Centre – bottom of the building in the cafe 
  • Lake Myvatn 
  • N1 Verslun Supermarket on the side of the building 
  • Near Eglisstadir on highway 1 heading north 
  • (65.4308968, -14.5992550) – outhouse 

Eastern Iceland

  • (64.7532841, -14.4781874) outhouse 
  • (64.5069138, -14.4948459) outhouse 
  • After Höfn on south coast heading west. 
  • (64.1802377, -15.7800053) outhouse 

South Iceland 

  • Glacier Lagoon Parking Lot (64.0476190, -16.1788508)
  • (63.9472932, -17.6403995) outhouse 
  • Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon (63.7712446, -18.1718162)
  • Vik – Icewear / Kr building 
  • Seljalandsfoss 
  • Thingvellier National Park – all though-out at camping areas and visitors centre 
  • N1 near Rekjavik – (64.1659946, -21.6954986) 

These are all the free bathrooms in Iceland we were able to find on our route! If there are anything that you have found and would love added to this list please comment below.